European Podcast Awards

European Podcast Awards

Cyphreinc Podcasts have been nominated in the Personality Category of the European Podcast Awards 2011.  Visit the EPA Blog for further information and do what you do!

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May I Say A massive Thank You for your continued support You Know Who You Are, Nice One & Cheers for allowing thy Choons!

Video Soundtrack: Stella Marconi ~ One Off Free

A massive cheers & thank you goes out to Stella Marconi for allowing the use of their ‘One Off Free’ Choon for the soundtrack of the Cyphreinc Podcasts Nominated for European Podcast Award Video. Drop by and find out more about the what, when and where at the Stella Marconi Blog.

Gotta Say, Nice One to you! I know you know who you are!  Sorted & cheers for thy continued support & thanks for droppin by and checking out the Cyphreinc Podcast Choon Creators and supporting them for doing what they do!

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