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JW Player

I’ve been meaning to get round to giving this ‘ere LongTail JW Player a look see for time but you know how it goes!  Life just sorta happens and next thing you know something else sneaks up on that there back burner.

To cut a long story short, i’ve rejigged me phone contract to save a few bob and upgraded me phone at the same time, so off i went to have a look see at on the phone’s t’internet and noticed that there where a couple of video’s missing, most likely down to the phone missing the flash plugin.

So that’s why i’m looking to see if this JW Player will do the trick for one or two videos?  Who knows, but for the now here goes. You know what to do, Blackle the JW Player and you’ll find enough info out there to get sorted.  I’m still sorta working on getting me head round the player for the now as i’ve just download the wordpress plugin, activated it and added the extra bits ‘n’ bobs as suggested and job done.

Jumping right in blindfold so to speak, i’ll test the player with YouTube first to see what happens and for the record I’m going to stick with the default player setting’s for the now, whilst i get me head round the principles of the video player and if your interested the default video player size is 400×300.

[jwplayer mediaid=”1677″]

To be fair i thought i’d get some kind of warning or other jumping in at the deep end as i did using that particular link with several videos on the playlist.  Then again maybe i’m missing a plugin and it works for you?

Anyways, here’s the same thing in principle with a single youtube video again using the default player and just working with the video link for the now. Using the Upload/Insert Add Media button and then using External Media with the YouTube share link.

[jwplayer mediaid=”1697″]The Charlatans – Weirdo

So far so good, now to add another video and this time add an image as the logo for the video, for the now i’m going to add an image already sorted 500×200 which does not match the size of the default player of 400×300, for no other reason than to see what it looks like.

The image and the video are not related at all.  Again i’m using the similar insert method as earlier.

[jwplayer mediaid=”1699″] Bob Marley – Easy Skanking

Now that i know for meself that adding the image works and i’ve seen how it looks and also confirmed that at the end of the video the image added initially returns to the front of the video.

[jwplayer mediaid=”1715″] Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil

That’s the JW Player up and running for the now.

I’ll check the player out in time with videos not posted on YouTube, which to be fair is one of the reasons that i wanted to use the player and figure out the format that works best for me.

~ Inabit ~

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