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I’ve been thinking ’bout creating an ebook for time or should i say, wonderin’ about the principles on how to, should i or then again can i even create one for meself?  How do i go about it?  What do i need and at the end of the day why bother?  Because It sounds like a plan, enough said.  I’ve already learned how to add Cyphreinc videos and Cyphreinc Podcasts to iTunes.  Now it’s time to get me head round creating at least one ebook.

It sorta seemed reasonable in my book to create another way of sharing the links to Cyphreinc Podcasts by getting me head round sorting out the principles behind creating an ebook.  Now just because i’ve never done anything before does not mean that i can’t do it, so ‘ere is my very first ever attempt at creating an ebook.

For the record i’ll create a pdf document of exactly the same information, that’ll mean it will have chapter titles that may look out of place if i was creating the information solely for a pdf document.  So bearing that in mind off i went to create my first ebook.

Reasoning being that once i got the whatever code to work and sorta got me head round the principle, i could share links to Cyphreinc Podcasts and thank the Choon Creators somewhere new.

Me being me, instead of just sorting the whatever info i wanted, i couldn’t resist trying to add a video to the ebook which created only one problem!  The fact that i don’t possess an imachine meant that i couldn’t check to see if i’d sorted the code properly.

That aside, i have been able to use many of the free ebook readers available and my first ebook seems to work in principle, so in my book that be a job well done.  Of course, if i hadn’t of added the video to the ebook life would have been simpler but where would the  frustration / fun be in that.

Keep Doing What You Do!

Echo and The Bunnymen – Never Stop

Anyways here be the links if your interested and should you happen to have any comments, please don’t hesitate to drop by and let me know your thoughts.  I’m not professing to be writing war & peace just thought that if i could get this sorted, i’d be able to share info to a mobile in a so called tried and tested fashion.  I wonder does the video work on them there iMachines?

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Cyphreinc ebook pdf

Cyphreinc Nominated for European Podcast Award ebook

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